Us, them and the in-between:
Migrants hidden identity
Published in an edition of 500 copies on the occasion of Oscar Murillo’s solo exhibition, if I was to draw a line, this journey started approximately 400km north of the equator, at the South London Gallery.
This publication features images of Murillo’s exhibition alongside photography taken at La Paila in Colombia and in the artist’s studio in London in 2013. There is an accompanying essay by Clara Dublanc, entitled Us, Them and the In-Between: Migrants’ Hidden Identity, written in both Spanish and English.

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 Texts by Belisario Caicedo, Clara Dublanc, and Oscar Murillo.

Frequencies catalogues the first year of Murillo's exploration, with intimate photographs of the participants and the project's myriad steps—the arrival of canvases to different schools, the process of wrapping desks, the students at work, and the final products.
Designed by OMO Creates in close collaboration with the artist, the book not only brings together a vast amount of material now collected in the eponymous archive, with over six hundred pages of detailed spreads, but is itself an extension of the project—an ongoing catalogue that charts the creation of artworks as a communal and global endeavor.

The book can be bought